32 Magazine & Extension Combo - Black Anodized

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  • $ 80

This is a combination .32 magazine with extension that comes pre-assembled directly from us here at L.W. Seecamp. You will receive the original flat floor plate to the magazine as well.

The extension is fully machined from 6061 aluminum and is hard black anodized. It allows the user of the firearm more area to grip the pistol. It does NOT add any additional capacity to the magazine.


  • Caliber: .32 ACP
  • Weight: 1.16oz. (Mag: 1oz., Extension: 0.16oz.)
  • Material: Magazine: 400 Series Stainless Steel, Extension: 6061 Aluminum
  • Finish: Hard Black Anodize

**Firearm in photos is not included and shown for display purposes only.**

*Please note that vintage Seecamps manufactured prior to the release of the current magazines (i.e. they shipped with a handmade mag) may have issues with the magazine well accepting the new production mags. The mag well could require some light filing to get the production magazine to fit*